A successful lighting design is about more than just still moments.  The most stunning stage picture is worth little without the transition into and out of the image.  Cueing should be sensitive to the ebb and flow of a script or score. The music in a drama's script must be uncovered.

When lighting stands alone with music, it can be a powerful story telling tool in its own right.  It's like the laser light shows of the 80's only not quite so dated.

The videos available here are each about five minutes long and utilize assorted automated fixtures (MAC 500 and 600, Cyberlights, Roboscans, and an LED Striplight).  Last Winter was programmed on a Strand 550i, Red Cape Tango on a Maxxxyz.  The music is Last Winter in the Copper Country by Steppin' in it  and Red Cape Tango, movement five of the Metropolis Symphony by Michael Daugherty. As quick classroom projects they perhaps lack the polish of a full design, but each of these pieces was conceived and designed in under two hours.

This video is in quicktime format.

Last Winter in the Copper Country
The Red Cape Tango
Last Winter
Low (11 mb) - High (56 mb)
Red Cape Tango
Low (12 mb) - High (40 mb)

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